Our Video Production Approach

Our Video Production Approach

Being a passionate digital marketing company, we not create the videos but help you strategize the approach for your videos, areas to focus, the messaging strategy and other business critical components. Following are the high level steps followed by True line to create successful videos:

Initial Discussions and Brainstorming

Once we are given the video brief, our experts start brainstorming on the overall approach of your video keeping in mind your target audience and business objectives. Our initial brain storming forms the basis of story board writing.

Story Board

Story board is the most critical part of a video and lays the basic foundation. The key components like beginning of the video, sequence of video shots, voice over, messaging, animation, ending of the video are precisely defined to initiate the pre- production process. Since the videos are distributed on web, we ensure that strong emphasis is given on keywords in the messaging for better visibility and viewer engagement.

Reviews and Feedbacks

Story board is reviewed multiple times with client for feedbacks and making sure our story board is promising and completely in sync with your business objectives.

Video Shoot

True line is equipped with world class infrastructure to produce the compelling videos for you. Our production staff is well experienced to carry out most professional video shoot as per the story board and instructions received from client.


One of the most crucial parts of video production is editing and we believe that GOD lies in the details. Factors like video sequence, voice over, catchy visuals, sub titles, etc. are reviewed over and over again to make sure the video is able to achieve its predefined objective. At True Line we use the most sophisticated editing software to bring the best in class video quality.

Final video

All our videos go through a rigorous quality check and multiple reviews before producing the final copy of the video.

Distribution and Marketing

We help our clients make video submissions on the relevant video platforms for maximum visibility. Our marketing folks work closely with clients to ensure all videos are tagged with best possible keywords for immediate rankings and better engagement.

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