Videos for Healthcare

Videos for Healthcare

Video is an excellent method of describing your business case study to the targeted audience. Case study presents a structured problem and solution format with practical insights that the viewer can apply immediately to his own situation. Case study consists of video interviews of your customers which also demonstrate your relationship, and trust with your customers.

Components of a Successful Case Study

We have hand on experience in video case studies and have successfully completed case studies of wiith different brands and different stories. Following is the high level format we follow for case studies and we happily customize our approach based upon your requirements:

  • Brief overview of your customer and your own organization
  • Challenges or expectations of your customer
  • Solution provided by your organization
  • Success or Benefits to your customers

Ingredients for an Engaging Success Stories

  • High definition video shots of your customer premises and your own organization
  • Crisp graphics and right combination of interviews and graphics
  • Subtitles for better user understanding and search engine optimization
  • Strategically designed 3D animation for technical descriptions

At True Line, we also help our clients select the concept, approach and strategy for the case study. We understand that case studies require numerous rounds of feedbacks and suggestions, our team members are always flexible and willing to adjust according to the business needs.

Text Content for Success Stories

Usually a video case study is embedded on the web pages along with textual content. At True Line we have experienced content writers who craft engaging and meaningful content for your case study. We also make sure that all the important keywords have been included in the web content for your case study.

Success Stories Marketing

After successful completion of video case study, we initiate the marketing process which includes the following:

  • Video uploads on video platforms line YouTube, Vimeo and others
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Video transcripts
  • Links on FB, Twitter and other social channels

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