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Search rankings on video platforms like YouTube, Vimeo and others are as critical as your rankings on Google. Video optimization begins right from storyboarding, scripts and planning of video production. Here is our approach towards video optimization:

  • We conduct thorough keyword research of your solutions and list the popular short, long and conversational keyword being used by the competition.
  • Weave the important keywords in voice over and interview scripts in order to make sure that users find the relevancy and search engines rank us based on our content.
  • Our video shoot and visuals cover the aspects that we are talking about in our meta data.
  • Optimize the video with strategic meta data to achieve higher rankings and views.



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Video Optimization Aspects 

  • Keyword rich Scripts and voice over.
  • Targeted keyword Title.
  • Longer descriptions for users to provide in-depth understanding.
  • Relevant video tags.
  • Keyword rich transcript.


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