Professional Videos for Hotels and Restaurants

Customers do a lot of research on various platforms like trip advisor, YouTube, Google and FB before selecting their place to stay or dine. A powerful video showcasing your premises, guests’ activities, rooms, restaurants, kitchen etc. provide incredible insights. Videos give you a significant advantage over the competition and vastly increase your popularity. Videos can be posted on different platforms and easily viewed on mobile devices.

Components of a Powerful Video for Hotels and Restaurants

High quality videos bring life to your videos and demonstrate your business’s key strengths. At True Line, we create exceptional quality videos for your hotels, restaurants, bars, and other premises. We usually capture the following for a hotel or restaurant video:

  • Best view of your location
  • Entrance and lounge
  • Guest activities
  • Recreational area
  • Kids’ activities
  • Safety standards
  • Restaurants and Bars

Video Promotion

Video promotion and marketing plays a very critical role to increase the viewership. Being a digital marketing company, we craft a customized strategy for marketing the videos of your business. Our marketing team carefully researches the platforms and the groups on social media where your videos can be promoted.  Following are the high level activities we perform for marketing your videos

  • Search Engine Optimization of your Video with important keywords in the script
  • Dedicated Video channel on YouTube and uploading the videos
  • Video posting on trip Advisor, Facebook, Instagram and other important platforms with compelling content.
  • Paid campaigns on Facebook , Google and Bing to promote your videos

Expand Your Reach with Voice over in Different Languages

We use professional high quality voiceover in the video to describe your business. If your hotel or restaurant is catering to foreign audience, it is highly recommended to have video in different languages to connect better with your target audience. Since the same video is done in different languages, the cost remains low and helps you spread your video in different geographies, resulting in more customers

Subtitles in Different languages

At times, users  cannot or do not want to listen the voice over due to various reasons. It is always recommended to provide subtitles. We also write subtitles in different languages to help the non- english speaking customers. Adding subtitles also helps in better rankings on video platforms and search engines.

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