Videos – An Important Marketing Tool for IT Companies

To stay ahead of the competition and become more visible on internet, videos today play a significant role. Showcasing your strengths and offerings with the help of a 2 minute video is much more powerful than a website with text and images. Given the fact that 1/3rd of online traffic now comes from mobile and tablets, videos provide clear over the website and help you reach your to prospects faster.

Type of Videos for IT companies

We have been working with various IT companies develop different types of videos to help amplify their web presence, enhance user engagement and drive more leads. Following are the type of videos we create for IT companies.

  • Corporate films for your website
  • Messages from senior management
  • Product Portfolio
  • Sales Presentations
  • Video case studies & Success stories
  • Videos of your software – showcase features and benefits through powerful videos
  • Client testimonials
  • Staff videos for HR dept. – showcase your company’s rich culture, benefits etc.

Our experienced video production team spends a lot of time understanding your business objectives before writing the script for your videos. Following is the high level process we follow for IT videos

Video Promotion

Video promotion and marketing plays a very critical role to increase the viewership. Being a digital marketing company, we craft a customized strategy for marketing the videos of your business. Our marketing team carefully researches the platforms and the groups on social media where your videos can be promoted.  Following are the high level activities we perform for marketing your videos

  • Search Engine Optimization of your Video with important keywords in the script
  • Dedicated Video channel on YouTube and uploading the videos
  • Video posting on Facebook, Instagram and other important platforms with compelling content.
  • Paid campaigns on Facebook , Google and Bing to promote your videos

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