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Why Product Marketing Videos?

The average time span of a user on a web page is less than 1 minute. Describing products in text and tables needs a lot of attention and time, which is always a challenge. Give your prospects fresh videos to explain your products, features and benefits. Use of audio visuals helps in gaining faster attention as it appeals to multiple senses and saves their time.  With the help of product videos you can clearly focus on the product USPs, functioning and other key areas.

Mobile Traffic Growth and Video Consumption

Mobile data traffic will continue to show double-digit growth in 2015. Gartner expects mobile traffic to grow more than 55 percent in 2015. Use of mobile has amplified the video consumption. Watching a product video on a mobile, which showcases your product’s features, benefits and solution is highly convenient and impactful.

Product Videos Format

A powerful product video requires a great story line and a clear solution that your product offers. Our team does a plenty of research and brainstorming to craft the story board for your product video. Following is the high level pattern we use for a product video and we happily customize the story board as per our customer’s requirements:

  • Introduction of the product
  • Current challenges in the market/system
  • Solutions offered by your product
  • Life with the solution/Benefits/main features
  • Call to action – contact details

Benefits of a Product Video

A good product video can demonstrate great ROI,  since it can be leveraged by various teams and can be posted on various platforms. Following are a few high level benefits of product videos

  • Showcase your product USPs with engaging audio visuals
  • Create excitement in your product
  • Useful for sales team
  • Can be used in sales/product exhibitions
  • Use them in email marketing
  • Post videos on numerous platforms and increase visibility

Video Promotion

Video promotion and marketing plays a very critical role to increase the viewership. Being a digital marketing company, we craft a customized strategy for marketing your product videos. Our marketing team carefully researches your audience and countries where your videos can be promoted. Following are the platforms and types of video promotion we offer:

  • Search Engine Optimization of your Video with important keywords in the script
  • Dedicated Video channel on YouTube and uploading the videos
  • Video posting on FB, Instagram and other important platforms with compelling content.
  • Paid campaigns on FB and Google to promote your videos

Check out our video marketing page for more details

Expand Your Reach with Voice Over in Different Languages

We use professional high quality voiceover in the video to describe your manufacturing facilities. If you are selling your products in different countries, we can also do the voice over in different languages. Voice over in local languages increase your reach and help your prospect understand better.

Subtitles in Different languages

At times, users  cannot or do not want to listen the voice over due to various reasons. It is always recommended to provide subtitles. We also write subtitles in different languages to help the non- english speaking customers. Adding subtitles also helps in better rankings on video platforms and search engines.

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