White board videos

White board videos

Recent studies show that white board videos are 800% more effective than text on the web, and 4 times more effective compared to the person talking on the screen. White board video or also known as Video Scribing grabs audience attention by using unique images, fast movement, crisp audio and sound effects. A white board video is particularly helpful when conveying conceptual information. White bard videos are an excellent format to share on social and can significantly help rank your website on top in search engines.

Our White Board Video Approach

While white board videos can strongly convey your messages, but it is critical to strategically align you story board, images and audio in order to get the desired results. Following are our important focus areas for video scribing:

Extensive Research

to understand the chief objectives of your video & target audience.


the most crucial part, requires plenty of brainstorming and should be in sync with business objectives.

Images Selection:

images play a crucial role in white board videos and directly impact the viewership.

Voice Over:

Voice over has direct influence on emotion and has to carefully selected based on the video objective.


Every second of the video need to be carefully planned and the right sequence is one of the most important aspects.

Benefits of White Board Videos:

A well scripted white board video can be a compelling marketing tool and also amplify your online visibility. Following are the main benefits of a white board video

  • Time saver and low cost
  • Strong engagement
  • Builds brands
  • Easily sharable on social
  • Boosts sales and conversions

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