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Customer testimonial videos carry immense value and greatly help in building trust and confidence in your organization. Creating an effective testimonial at the same time requires a strong planning and clarity to the interviewee. Here is our broad level approach for customer testimonial:

  • Share the complete plan with your customer so he understands the context and your expectations.
  • We do not recommend scripts but it should rather come from heart. Scripted testimonials look fake whereas natural speech brings life to the video.
  • Customer in front of the camera needs to be helped at every second and we make sure to patiently answer their questions and make them comfortable and confident.
  • Audience is generally interested in knowing about customer’s overall experience and the benefits they received from you. Video testimonials need to clearly demonstrate both.
  • Keep the testimonial short and to the point.
  • Prompt the customer with some questions to help him speak.

icon-Cam Customer testimonial videos

Technical Aspects

  • Top quality audio recorders to get crisp audio quality for testimonials.
  • Varied backdrops and multiple camera angles to create more interest.
  • Sufficient depth to give a professional look.
  • Adding product shots, office, infrastructure etc. in between the interviews.
  • Subtitles to help people follow the speech or in case of non-English speakers.

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