Manufacturing Unit Videos

It’s highly challenging to describe your production capabilities, machinery etc. through text or even with the images on website. Presenting your audience with high quality video of your production plant, and staff give you a great advantage.

Benefits of Creating Your Manufacturing Unit Videos

  • Videos demonstrate your production capabilities to the prospects in different countries
  • Edge over the competition
  • Prospects can see your production unit in operation – builds more trust
  • You can focus on quality aspects of your products in video
  • Increase the visibility of your business on numerous video platforms like Youtube, Vimeo and others
  • Helps you rank higher in search engines for important keywords

Components of a Powerful Video for Manufacturing

We usually cover the below mentioned areas for a manufacturing video, and happily customize the approach as per your requirements:

  • Video shots of overall premises
  • Working of important machineries
  • Expert resources at work
  • R&D Unit
  • Message from senior management
  • 3D animation to showcase technical solutions

Video Promotion

Video promotion and marketing plays a very critical role to increase the viewership. Being a digital marketing company, we craft a customized strategy for marketing the videos of manufacturing plants. Our marketing team carefully researches your audience and countries where your videos can be promoted. Following are the platforms and types of video promotion we offer:

  • Search Engine Optimization of your Video with important keywords in the script
  • Dedicated Video channel on YouTube and uploading the videos
  • Video posting on FB, Instagram and other important platforms with compelling content.
  • Paid campaigns on FB and Google to promote your videos

Expand Your Reach with Voice Over in Different Languages

We use professional voiceover artists in the video to describe your manufacturing facilities. If you are selling your products in different countries, we can also do the voice over in different languages. Voice over in other languages increase your reach and help your prospect understand better resulting in more engagement.

Subtitles in Different languages

At times, users cannot or do not want to listen the voice over due to various reasons. It is always recommended to provide subtitles. We also write subtitles in different languages to help the Non- English speaking customers. Adding subtitles also helps in better rankings on video platforms and search engines.

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