Health Care

Professional Videos for Health Care

Health care industry is growing at an outstanding rate and Asia is the most preferred and affordable destination for medical tourism. It becomes important for health care providers to reach out to their target audience in different countries.

Components of a Powerful Video for Healthcare

High quality videos can very well demonstrate your health care expertise, advanced machines, dedicated staff and nurses, clean surroundings etc. We usually cover the following for health care videos

  • Hospital entrance and location
  • Staff activities
  • Hospital Lounge area
  • Cafeteria and waiting area
  • Operation theaters
  • Consultation rooms
  • Laboratory and chemists
  • Lawns and parking areas
  • Message from doctors and senior management
  • Patient testimonials

Video Promotion

Video promotion and marketing plays a very critical role to increase the viewership. Being a digital marketing company, we craft a customized strategy for marketing the videos of your business. Our marketing team carefully researches the platforms and the groups on social media where your videos can be promoted.  Following are the high level activities we perform for marketing your videos

  • Search Engine Optimization of your Video with important keywords in the script
  • Dedicated Video channel on YouTube and uploading the videos
  • Video posting on health care platforms, Facebook, Instagram and other relevant channels with compelling content.
  • Paid campaigns on Facebook , Google and Bing to promote your videos

Targeting Various Countries with Single Video in Different Languages:

Health care tourists come from countries like Russia, Afghanistan, Germany, Spain, US, UK and others. It becomes essential to cater the video in different languages. So with the help of professional voice over and sub titles in respective languages we make sure the videos are understood by patients from different countries. Converting same videos in different languages is highly economical and helps you grow your presence in different geographies.

Professional Voice Over for Health Care

Voice over in a video plays a crucial role since it explains your business. The type of voice over also depends upon your nature of business. Voice over for a health care industry will be different from a hotel or casino video’s voice over. We make sure we carefully select the right artist for voice over depending upon your business objectives. We have partnerships with voice over artists from all over the world to world class video quality for you.

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